[Easy to understand! ] ★ A must-see for those who want to work in the nursing industry ★ “Law concerning Nursing” in one book!

A commentary on a law related to the person who works as a nursing laborer, Mr. Satoshi Ohashi, who is in charge of the regular learning session at the Union Fukuoka Union

Recommendation of nursing method [2019 edition]” was published.

Nursing students who are unfamiliar with the law and nurses working in practice,

What they learn and what they are doing

It is designed to help you understand how it relates to legal things.

It provides easy-to-understand explanations on the Constitution, labor law, medical law, civil law, criminal law, etc.

Easy to understand with illustrations! You can also understand the current medical situation!


If you are interested, please purchase at Amazon. ¥ 2700 published by Asparagus

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