[Introduction to hot springs] Do you know that Okawa City has a precious hot spring in Japan?

Introducing hot springs that have recently become a hot topic among the Union Secretariat and members.

Originally, I, Shindo of the secretariat, went through a lot,

Nowadays, it is popular as a “skin-no-yu” mainly for women.

One of the secrets of Mr. Yamashita’s beauty is the hot spring.

Now, the greatness of this hot spring will be explained in the bottom row.

I want to express my appreciation with a loud voice,

“Thank you for always healing the fatigue of workers in Fukuoka!”

Okawa Onsen Green Hot Spring

[Appearance photo]


[The hot spring looks like this] * quoted from the official website

[Inside bath]


[Open-air bath]


[Steaming bath] * Exquisite! ! The best! !


Only 3 places in Japan! ! The natural hot spring of “Mall Source” will lead you to beautiful skin! !

Some of you may have heard of this for the first time, “Mall hot spring.”

I didn’t know until I knew Okawa Onsen.

■ What is Mall hot spring? Excerpt from official website

This is said to be a precious “vegetation fountain” and refers to the one before ancient plants deposited and transformed into coal while it is underground.

Sometimes mixed with hot springs, it is called “Morsen” in Germany.

Areas with similar spring quality are Tokachigawa Onsen, Hokkaido, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and Oita City, Oita Prefecture.

In particular, Tokachigawa Onsen has become a catchphrase for tourism promotion as “the best mall spring in Japan”.

And it seems to be precious hot water as mentioned above.

You might think “Huh? Plants? Coal?” But I don’t feel that odor at all.

Rather, it is close to the scent of incense, which can be relaxed again.

I went to Beppu after knowing the existence of the mall spring,

I thought that Okawa Onsen was more suitable for warmth, warmth and fragrance.

Anyway, “This is soaked in a very good hot water!”

Not just “Mall Izumi”! “Fulvic acid” makes the beauty effect even more!

You have never heard of this, “Fulvic acid.”

However, this is a component that people know in the beauty industry.

It is often included in luxury cosmetics and serums.

Below are excerpts from the official website.

■ What is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is composed of humus soil on which ancient plants are deposited. Plants grow with soil nutrients, but fulvic acid is what feeds plants with nutrients such as minerals and amino acids.
It also has the role of preventing oxidation and decomposing harmful substances in the cells to be discharged outside.
It is a phenomenon of aging and oxidization of the body, but fulvic acid seems to have been prized as a rejuvenating medicine in the Himalayas and India in the old days.

Fulvic acid is rich in minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.

That’s it.

In the hall, banana peel dipped in Okawa Onsen containing fulvic acid,

There are exhibits that maintain vividness.

■ There is no glossy feeling of Bikabika!

Now, as you can see, “It ’s amazing!

Removes skin-like horny skin and makes it shiny.

In fact, the next day I went to the hot spring,

Having gone to Okawa Onsen is a level where you can be struck by a single blow.

The other thing that impresses me is “hair touch.”

I’m a good age, and I usually feel my hair feels like an abra,

The finger is very good and it feels smooth.

One more thing is worrisome,

“I feel like there is no baldness for regular customers!”

I want my hair to be a long friend, so I bet everything at Okawa Onsen.

A great and delicious set is highly recommended! Enjoy the candy!

I don’t write so much about this.

This is what you can understand if you eat.

“Softness, softness” is completely different.

In addition, there is a bathing ticket for 2,380 yen.

It is too profitable and too delicious.

I have confidence.

“Determine this for luxury.”

If you are a member of the union, you know,

The secretary general who was familiar with the dry foodie was also highly acclaimed.

What a valuable source you can take home!

“Far! Don’t go every time!”

Such you also use this precious source every day,

Can be used for drinking and eating.

This source is 200 yen and you can take home 5 liters!

If you soak it once, you’ll want to bring it home.

In anticipation of that, this hot spring is easy on your wallet.

If you are worried about work rather than tired

We at the Fukuoka Union have troubles in the workplace (dismissal, power harassment, sexual harassment, long working hours, unpaid wages, etc.)

We provide free labor consultations.

We also conduct collective bargaining with workplace representatives and work to resolve these problems.

If you have trouble at work, don’t worry

Please feel free to contact us!

■ Union Fukuoka Union Labor Consultation Dial
All consultations are free. The secret is strictly observed.

【business hours】

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00

* If you wish to have an interview, please make a reservation in advance.

Okawa Onsen Midorinoyu Click here for address, contact information and access

■ Official site





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