Speaking of bread maker representing Fukuoka …? The recommended ranking is also posted!

Recently, the Secretary of the Morning has always been sharing bread.

The choice of bread is indeed the secretary! However,

The bread in Fukuoka is really high quality.

If you look around the city, you will find many famous bread shops and famous shops.

But do you think Fukuoka is a great “bread maker”?

In particular, “François” has recently felt like a bread maker that is representative of Fukuoka.


Petit celebrity experience to taste in Francois!


Look at this bread.

Isn’t it completely the quality of a “fashionable bakery” in town?

Where you can easily buy these breads at supermarkets and convenience stores,

I recently realized that it was wonderful in Francois.

Francois bread

  • Reduction of additives
  • Weight loss of trans fatty acid
  • Use plenty of whole grains

For example, “health-oriented” bread is made.

This bread is recommended for moms who want family health.

I was fascinated by Francois

Here is the “François Recommended Ranking”.

★☆Shindo’s arbitrary decision Francois recommended ranking!☆★

No. 1 Celebrity that spreads to the mouth! Francois Premium Srobe Red Series



The first place without complaint.

Speaking of honest breadmaker bread, the image is “Taste is so much,”

I was there, but my preconceptions were completely broken into this series.

Rather thank you now.

The first time I asked “Where is the bakery?” I thought.

And as you can see from the image,

There is a celebrity feeling from the material used.

Bread with figs and cream cheese,

I’ve never seen anything other than an authentic bakery!

Others, such as macadamia nuts, are not ashamed of the name of the premium

It is a lineup where you can enjoy the celebrity feeling.

>>Click here for a list of Srobe Red series

(Link to Francois official site.)

No. 2 This is Francois style bread! Aged takumi


François “seriousness” is conveyed from the name and package.

On the official homepage,


We focused on the texture and examined the production method and formulation many times. Please try the difference with other bread. It is recommended to have it toasted. This time, it has been mixed with soy milk raw okara. A classic new breakfast. * Excerpt from Francois official website.

And I am confident enough to write.

Although it is also in the excerpt, by combining soy milk okara,

The sweetness and flavor are definitely increasing.

Recently, the “Premium Bread Bread” boom has occurred, and bread bread specialty stores have become a hot topic,

I thought, “I’m not losing at all, Francois!”

Rather, it is an overwhelming victory at COSPA. (I bought for 130 yen.)

Personally, I want you to taste it with toast without applying any butter.

Please enjoy the difference between aroma and taste.

■ It seems that it is also popular to make aged takumi a baby food,

As a matter of course, the master of aging is no longer a Francois,

  • Zero preservatives
  • No yeast used (100% natural yeast)
  • No colorant derived from synthesis
  • Low trans fatty acid

And it is made exactly.

So it is given to infants with peace of mind,

“Aged takumi is soaked in milk or soy milk and used as baby food”

There seem to be many moms.

I ’m 34 years old this year, but it ’s kind to my uncle.

>>Even videos are made. From here

>>Click here for aging masters (François official website)

No.3 François long seller Appel Sato-chan


François super long seller, Sato.

I want to eat sweets, but I want to stay healthy! ! For those who

This is recommended. Sweet, surely sweet. But it goes with coffee.

There is plenty of granulated sugar.

However, the calories are not so high, 158 calories per bottle.

While similar bread in convenience stores knocks out over 400 calories of soul,

Sato is also modest in calories.

You can see this Sato-chan by examining it,

Evaluation on the net is very high.

The Kanto Sakai theme park has something very similar

It seems to be sold for 500 yen.

By the way, this Francois “Apel” series

It sells only to Kyushu and Yamaguchi.

A “feeling” of sugar “a feeling of feeling” of Danish fabric

Sato-chan, I thought it was too easy,

The name of this bread can only be called “Sato-chan”.

If you live in Fukuoka, let’s taste it once!

It is the basic of the basics of François sweet bread!

>>Click here for Sato-chan (François official website)

No.4 Walnut of walnut. Naturel Kurumi Boule


Honestly I feel like I’m looking for this number one, lol

It ’s not so popular.

If you see it, endure the beer and buy it.

I feel like a high probability for ionic supermarkets.

Isn’t there a “tasteful” experience with healthy bread?

That’s not true for Kurumi Boule.

The scent of the walnut, the touch, and the sweetness of the bread that does not impair it.

Yes, this walnut boule

It is “the king of walnut bread that can be bought easily”.

“I finally met you, to the king …” is my impression when I ate for the first time.

Kurumi Boule will fully satisfy your desire for “walnuts”.

I wonder if it’s better to bake a little.

>>Click here for Kurumi Boule (François official website)

No.5 The name is excellent, British bread that reminds you of a foreign country


I bought it immediately by name.

As a romantic, I was forced to buy it.

The first thing I thought was

“Oh, is n’t it great that Britain is?”

To say.

I wondered what the United Kingdom is

I was convinced later that I watched TV, magazines and novels.

Lots of bread is mainstream in Europe,

Breads that look soft outside like Japan are not so mainstream,

In the UK, “soft, out-of-the-way, middle-out” is very mainstream.

The essential tastes are “fresh fragrance” and “moderate sweetness”.

It ’s more compatible with butter and margarine than jam.

François uses commercials and other advertisements that give a reminiscent of medieval European scenes with jiblitic animation.

This British bread is the perfect product for that image.

Eating bread with the scenery of the English pasture in mind,

You can forget the painful daily memories for a moment.

No.6 A person genius who thought about this combination, coffee milk steamed bread


Some of you who have seen this article may be interested in this.

Bread and coffee milk are no longer the best match.

The person who thought about this bread doesn’t understand “the luxury of the common people” well.

The coffee tastes well and the sweetness is mellow.

“Eat coffee milk here”

It tastes very much like a child.

Ideal for picnics, driving companions, and workplace snacks.

I want to tell François,

“If you have three, you will be in a fight with your brothers.

If I was a kid, I would n’t give my brother two.

>>Click here for coffee milk steamed bread (Francois official website)

People who are worried about work so much that they ca n’t afford bread…

So far, I have introduced Francois bread.

When I worked for a black company, I couldn’t afford to taste bread.

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