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Would you like to create a labor union at your workplace?

To negotiate equally with the company

Even one person can enter Union, but it is very difficult for one person to change the workplace. If you can create a union in the workplace as a union “work break”, you can negotiate with the company on an equal basis if you can create a labor union in the workplace that cannot be done by one person or a few. It becomes.

Create trade unions to improve working conditions in the workplace, such as wage increases, long working hours, safe and comfortable workplaces, and a workplace environment free from discrimination and bullying. Union is willing to cooperate to realize the wishes of everyone.

The company is obliged to accept collective bargaining

The trade union law prohibits the following acts by the company to guarantee trade union activities:

  1. Acts such as withdrawal from union members.
  2. Acts that slander or slander the union or its members.
  3. Acts that do not respond to collective bargaining (labor-management discussions).
  4. The act of repeating unfaithful answers and attitudes to requests.
  5. The act of ignoring union requests and forcing negotiations with union members.
  6. An act of encouraging non-subscribers not to join.
  7. Other acts that are disadvantaged by being a member.

About the Union Fukuoka Union Subcommittee System

If more than 3 people in the workplace become union members, a “separation” can be formed in the workplace. In the case of membership, we will also take measures to reduce the admission fee.

In addition, a “separation” is the formation of a labor union in the workplace.

Example) Union Fukuoka Union 〇 Co., Ltd. (labor union). An image of the union becoming the superordinate organization of the union.

Although it is possible to form a labor union by ourselves, there are various procedures such as the creation of union rules, exchanges with companies and solutions, and there is a demerit that cannot concentrate on resolving labor-management disputes.

Therefore, by being a union of the union, it is possible to smoothly form a labor union to which the union regulations of the union are applied, and to immediately prepare for negotiations with union officers. In addition, union officers, who are experts in collective bargaining, will also attend collective bargaining with the company.

Unions have all the right to conclude and negotiate in negotiations with the company to facilitate negotiations and avoid being deficient in “knowledge deficiencies”. However, the Union will not ignore your opinion and agree with the company. Union has been working on solutions that respect the intentions of its members since its formation.

Let’s get ready!

Creating a union is not difficult, but it must be carefully prepared based on a certain set-up. If you are thinking of creating a trade union, please contact Union!

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