A boss from the boss, rants, pressing errors, sexual harassment continues …

■ Solution date: November 2016 ■ Type of job: Planning ■ Number of years of service: 1 year 1 month ■ Female full-time employee

The union members were diagnosed with depression after falling into various physical conditions due to the stress of direct supervisors, rants, tyranny, sexual harassment, and long working hours. The union members were taking leave and considering returning to work, but after returning to work, it was not possible to expect that their boss’s power harassment and workplace relationships had improved, so power harassment investigation and recurrence prevention measures were formulated. Requested collective bargaining for other workplace environment improvements.

The employers replied that they did not accept power harassment and had a problem with the attitude of the members. Since the medical condition of the union members showed no signs of recovery and it was judged that it was difficult to restore human relations after returning to work, the parties agreed on the details of agreed retirement, provision of the winter bonus and payment of the settlement money.