Enrollment procedure

  1. We will confirm your intention to join through an interview.
    * The purpose of the interview is to understand the problems that the consultant has, to determine which means is most effective in solving the problems, and to fully understand the purpose of the association’s activities. It is for having you join.
  2. You will be required to fill out and submit the application form and pay the membership fee (3,000 yen only when you join) + the union fee for the current month.
    * The monthly membership fee is 1.5% of the standard wage (upper limit is 5,000 yen / lower limit is 1,500 yen).
    For example, if the standard wage is 200,000 yen … 200,000 yen x 1.5% = 3,000 yen / month

About insurance-type member system

  • I don’t have an urgent problem now, but I want to get in for insurance!
  • study for the future!
  • I want to participate in the union movement!

There is also an “insurance-type union member system” that makes it easy for non-members to become union members. The difference between the normal type and the insurance type is the difference between “whether or not to notify the company that you are a member”.

We are looking forward to joining in preparation for the future and for the purpose of studying labor issues without being known to the company you are currently working for.

In the case of insurance-type union members, you can join with the admission fee and union fee deferred to the lower limit.

  1. Admission fee 1,500 yen, monthly union fee 1,500 yen
  2. When changing to the normal type (when notifying the company and negotiating), the difference in the admission fee will be paid and the union fee will be reviewed.

After joining

  1. Monthly membership fees from the following month can be paid by debiting from your “Japan Post Account” or bringing them with you.
    * Withdrawal from the union is voluntary, but the union activity is based on mutual help of the members and the continuation of the movement.
  2. You must attend the “New Membership Workshop” (one time only).

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