Going home early and increasing holidays due to a decrease in workload …

■ Solution date: January 2015 ■ Job title: Work in warehouse / part

■ Length of service: 9 years ■ Male

As a part-timer, I worked 7 hours a day, 6 days a month, but due to a decrease in work volume, I was often forced to “early return” before the end of the day, when holidays were increased. As a result, they requested to secure the prescribed working hours and so on.

In the column of the prescribed working hours of the employment contract of the union member, it was written that “the actual working hours of the day is 7 hours, and the start time or the end time may be changed according to the shift table on holidays.”

In association, the company insisted that it was not illegal to “return early” on the basis of the employment contract “may change start or end time”. On the other hand, the union argued that even if the start / end time was changed, it was not allowed to reduce the predetermined working hours per day.

The company reconsidered and agreed to answer that it would secure the total number of working hours for the year even if there were exceptionally less months based on a 7-hour day, 6-day holiday system.