Dismissed due to lack of work ability + company policy

■ Solution date: September 2016 ■ Job title: Sales profession ■ Year of service: 7 years 8 months ■ Male full-time employee

The company was a real estate appraiser office, and union members were in charge of real estate appraisal services.

After several retirement encouragements, the union members were notified of dismissal on the grounds of lack of work capacity and failure to comply with company policy.

The reasons listed as the grounds for grounds for dismissal were already improved and may have been more than a year ago, so there was a strong suspicion of misuse of the dismissal and asked for the withdrawal of dismissal.

In the ballroom, the basis for the lack of business ability of union members was unclear, but the employer claimed that the relationship of trust with the real estate appraiser and other employees was broken and he could not be repaired. There wasn’t. However, it was agreed because the employer presented advantageous conditions for retirement premise.