Instruction to transfer to remote workplace when request is communicated to site manager

■ Solution date: February 2015 ■ Job title: Cleaning / Part
■ Number of years of service: 6 to 8 months

The company is a company that undertakes university cleaning work. All employees are part-time workers who live in neighboring areas with a commute of 15 to 30 minutes. Two workers told the site manager about their labor management requirements and were ordered to transfer to a remote workplace that would take more than an hour to commute. Workers’ labor contracts are one-year contracts limited to the place of work, and cannot be transferred to another location during the contract period. Requested a withdrawal from the transfer order.

On the other hand, other colleagues protested the transfer order and sent a fax to the company after signing a notice saying “If the transfer order is not withdrawn, the next day’s work will be suspended all at once.” The company notified that “the person who signed the strike notice shall be disposed of,” and other workers joined the union all at once.

Immediately after applying for the group, the company withdrew the transfer order.

After applying for the issue of disciplinary measures, the branch manager of Kyushu went to the workplace and made an obvious control intervention saying, “No disciplinary action will be taken. The act was immediately protested.

Subsequent collective bargaining ended with a promise that the transfer order would not be withdrawn and disciplined, that there would be no apology for the control intervention and no further action.