Claim compensation to employees

■ Solution date: June 2016 ■ Job title: Sales ■ Number of years of service: 2 years ■ Female full-time employee

The union member is a salesperson for home sales.

The company will provide discounts for customers not approved by the company, service products such as electrical appliances (electrical appliances), and if the construction amount exceeds the estimate, damages will be delayed for the construction period. Using physical and mental violence (shaking a bag placed on the reception table to the floor, hitting the head with a file, “Bonkura”, “Getting out of stupid school”, etc.) When he couldn’t pay, he urged the parents of the identity guarantor to pay, and he borrowed money from three consumer finances in the car of the union and let them pay in a lump.

The union applied for a unity requesting the return of damages paid and payment of unpaid overtime. Part of the overtime fee was paid, but the rest could not be agreed, and the case was shifted to lawsuit. (Request money refund and overtime payment)

About one year after the complaint, the settlement was settled (the workers paid 1/3 of the compensation for damages, and almost all of the overtime was allowed).

* The basis for overtime billing is daily business reports. Every day, after work was finished, it was sent to users by email.