Refusal to adopt this system during the period of use

■ Solution date: June 2015 ■ Job title: General affairs
■ Length of service: 3 months ■ Male

The job was for a full-time employee and a general manager of the General Affairs Department, but the trial period was a fixed-term work contract. In the middle of the trial period, he refused to hire the company because he was not aware of the general affairs department and could not look forward to the future, and was notified of work waivers and wage compensation until the contract expires.

The union member has performed his duties as a manager of the general affairs department without any problems, and the refusal of this employment due to reasons such as “ does not fit the corporate culture ” requested the withdrawal of the employment suspension and applied for association as a misuse of the dismissal right .

Employers in the group argued that “ does not fit the corporate culture ” during the trial period is also effective as a reason for refusing to hire, and new graduates can educate, but middle-aged and mid-career hires are impossible. Followed.

Because the union members wanted an early solution, they agreed to retire and pay the settlement.