Stop hiring during the trial period

■ Solution date: October 2016 ■ Job title: Sales ■ Year of service: 4 months ■ Male

The union members applied for recruitment of full-time sales positions for temporary staffing companies in the field of IT engineers.

In the recruitment interview, it was explained that it was decided whether to hire a full-time employee after acquiring the knowledge with a 6-month fixed-term employment contract because of lack of knowledge in the IT industry.

The employment contract presented after that had a contract period of 3 months, the other working conditions were the same as those explained in the interview, retirement allowance, retirement age 65 years, possibility of renewal .

The union members started work, but they did not have basic education in the IT industry, so they continued to make efforts to purchase related books at their own expense and study everyday after returning home.

However, it is almost the end of the three-month contract, and the immediate supervisor will extend the contract for one month on the assumption that it has not reached the level to be hired as a full-time employee, and if it does not exceed the issues and evaluation standards set by the company during that period, The union members had no choice but to agree.

At the end of the one-month contract, he was hired because the evaluation criteria were not met and communication within the workplace was insufficient.

The union, in this case, is a fixed-term employment contract, even though it is a fixed-term employment contract. It was determined that the employee was dismissed during the trial period.

Since it was judged that there was no objective rationality and socially reasonable grounds for hiring, he applied for collective bargaining in order to withdraw from employment. In ballroom, the company insisted that it was expiring, not dismissed, and that there was a good reason for dismissal even if it was dismissed.

The union insisted that the dismissal was invalid because it was based on lack of ability despite the fact that the company did not provide basic education for inexperienced people, because the judgment was made during the trial period, and the reason for dismissal was not true But the company did not withdraw the dismissal. Agreed that the company responded to the payment of wage compensation plus alpha solution until the expiration of the trial period (2 months).