Despite the diagnosis by the attending physician that “working over long distances is difficult”, relocation

■ Solution date: October 2016 ■ Job title: Sales ■ Year of service: 28 years ■ Male

The union member was the head of the sales department at the Kitakyushu office, and he was commuting to work long distances.

My chronic illness worsened and I was in a state of exhaustion.

The attending physician had diagnosed that “it is desirable to work at the headquarters at a short distance because of long-distance commuting and heavy work.”

Based on the diagnosis and findings of the attending physician and industrial physician, the union members requested users to reduce work, including relocation from their home to a nearby headquarters and demotion.

However, the employer refused the member’s request because the member’s physical condition was able to commute over a long distance and there was no need to reduce work. The union members decided that negotiations with individuals were the limit, and hoped for a solution by unity.

In the first round of negotiations, the user answered that he relocated to the headquarters and reduced work.