Wages + actual working hours concealed according to the business hours of the transfer destination

■ Date of resolution: September 2016 ■ Type of job: cook ■ Length of service: 12 years ■ Male s full-time employee

The user is a contractor for a hospital or nursing facility.

Due to the long working hours of the facility where union members were ordered to relocate, overtime charges were incurred, so they were informed of a cut in job allowance of 50,000 yen.

In addition, the user did not install a time card at the work place, but had employees fill in the work hours by handwriting. It was.

He requested to restore his work allowance and pay for overtime in line with actual working hours.

In the first social gathering, the employer advocated that the installation of a time card was not required by law, or repeated repeated habits against the union and its members. Solved.