WEB designer course 2 Let’s know software to make webpage

Now, about the origin of the homepage

As I explained last time, I think it’s a story that says “What do you use to make it?”

This time, we will introduce the web designer carpenter tools.


  • Image creation tool
  • Programming tools
  • FTP software

It becomes three.

How to use each software will be explained when the course goes to the use stage.


I’m a designer! If you are

Regardless of where you find a job, the software you use is “professional” software,

Get the paid version below.

If you have just said that you have a hobby, you can download the free version!

Design creation software

I wrote it as design creation software.

Anything can be created as long as the image can be created.

For example, if it is a Windows PC, it is included from the beginning,

“Paint” is fine.

This design creation software is called “Design Comp”.

Creating a complete design for the homepage

It will be the first work.

The program is performed based on the created design comp.

The homepage is created by the flow.

I think jpg png gif etc. are attached to the file name.

If it is software that can create images in this format, you can use either extreme word or Excel.

Shindo is also in use! For professional use, Adobe software “Photo Shop”

This is a classic software not only for the web but also for creators.

Photo modification, text entry, image creation, etc.

There is nothing that can not be done on the creation of the home page.


With this software, you can rejuvenate a 60-year-old person in a photo to the age of 20.

It’s amazing graphics software that you can use depending on your skill.

1 pixel (minimum unit of graphics) rendering power and control

You can create beautiful images easily, intuitively and easily.


Posters you see in the city, manga, anime, flyers, etc.

The creative work overflowing in the world is almost made using this software

It is no exaggeration to say. If you can master this software, you are also a great designer.


Instead, it costs about 1000-2000 yen per month for a fee.

(Price changes according to student contract, corporate contract, and individual contract)


■ Adobe Photoshop official website


LibreOffice can be used for free

It is also used in the creation of our union’s institutional newspaper “Unipress”.

This also includes multiple softwares that create a minimum web site.

To be honest, it is amazing that you can use all these features for free!

However, if you look at it from a professional perspective,

I have the impression I said.

However, design creation can be done at a minimum without any problems.

■ Libre Office Official Homepage


Programming software

Enter a programming language such as html or css,

Introducing software to create html files and css files.

That being said, there is no problem with the Windows text editor.

However, you can enter even letters and save the saved file

Just change the extension to html or css.

I also write with a text editor.

However, memorizing enormous programming languages ​​is difficult,

Software that gives hints called “code hints”

If you input the program while using it, you can work faster.

At first, with the help of programming software,

It is wise to do the work.

Classic in the classic. Adobe software “Dreamweaver”

It corresponds to various programming languages, and it is an excellent one that can be input easily.

Also, check that the program you entered is functioning correctly.

You can also work while checking in real time.

You can also upload data directly to the server using this software.

It is possible, and there is no need to use the FTP software described later.

Later you will know when you understand the programming language,

It’s a terrible software that reaches the itch.

This is also charged, and costs about 1000 to 2000 yen per month.


■ Adobe Dreamweaver official site


If free, Sakura Editor is safe

It’s free, but you can use it at all. It ’s not as versatile as Dreamweaver,

It comes with a support function that helps you enter the program syntax, so you can use it. Japanese is also easy to understand and wonderful.

■ Sakura Editor Official Website


FTP software

With FTP software, completed images and programming files

The software that uploads to the server on the net.

Access to the server is basically done using this FTP software.

There is not much difference between any software, so you can use free software.

Free and classic. I also use professionals. FFFTP

The most famous FTP software in Japan.

And it ’s free.

This is essential software for homepage production,

Please download.

■ FFFTP official website


Have you got all the tools? Let’s get started

Now, it ’s not like using the software sooner than the next time.

Before using the software, let’s first accumulate knowledge.

If you don’t have knowledge, you don’t know how to use the software.

In this course,

The courses are as follows: (1) basic design courses, (2) programming courses, (3) server courses, (4) application, and (5) professional techniques.

Let’s aim at the professional level slowly with everyone from the first step of Senri Road.