Closed due to poor performance and dismissed the director

■ Solution date: December 2002 ■ Job title: Sales / Full-time employee
■ Length of service: 6 years ■ Male

Closed a single sales office (Kitakyushu Office), whose home office is the sales office, due to poor performance, and dismissed the director. However, they filed a group offer because the standards for closing offices and the dismissal were unfaithful.
Gifu Prefecture is headquartered and responds to documents in response to requests, but Danko insists on holding at the headquarters. The union has requested that it be a party in Fukuoka, but since it does not respond, the Regional Labor Commission and the attitude of conducting a trial are notified. The company was able to solve the problem by consulting with Surprise Union Aichi and accumulating an apology and retirement allowance.