Fired due to poor business results + forced work report by phone or email at night

■ Solution date: December 2016 ■ Job title: Sales ■ Number of years of service: 17 years ■ Male full-time employee

The company is an industrial metal recycling business. The managing director, who is also in charge of the Fukuoka branch, was notified of dismissal because of poor business results. No notice of termination or reason for termination has been issued. The union members, although the achievement rate for the last six months was poor, maintained good results for the previous few years, and the reason for dismissal was judged to be the abuse of dismissal rights because there was no rationality and social convention equivalent It was done. In addition, the managing director who had been notified of dismissal also carried out activities such as mentally pursuing multiple employees by compelling or reprimanding business reports by telephone or e-mail at night after the end of work. Requested collective bargaining withdrawing from dismissal and eradicating power harassment.

In collective bargaining, employers denied dismissal and responded that they had decided to encourage retirement and that the members had agreed, but would continue employment if they refused to retire. We did not accept the power harassment of the managing director. It was resolved because I was able to confirm that the work in charge of the members was also the same as before.