Disbursement of temporary staff by the dispatch destination is arbitrary

■ Solution date: February 2003 ■ Job title: Reception / Guidance / Dispatch
■ Length of service: 6 months ■ Female

Although the employment responsibility is in the dispatching company, the dispatching party is informed of the dismissal of the dispatched staff.
Pursuing that responsibility. However, refusal to negotiate further on the grounds that the destination is not responsible for employment.
He also evaded responsibility by insisting that the remarks were “differences in perception.”
The dispatching company and the union confirm in the agreement that “the fact of the notice of dismissal notice of the dispatching party” and “the fact that the dispatching company deviated from the authority and proclaimed the fact that the dispatching staff was dismissed notice of dismissal” On top of that, a mass protest and an early resolution offer were developed.
We finally acknowledged the fact that we had been dismissed by a ballroom, and agreed to apologize to all the staff. He also mentioned the issue of bidding from the perspective of equal treatment of staff and wage improvement, but he promised to determine the lowest price for bidding.