Significant wage reduction when re-employed after retirement

■ Solution date: August 2016 ■ Job title: Design ■ Male full-time employee

The union members joined the union for about 20 years and reached the retirement age of 60 in August this year. After retirement, the company was re-employed as a “temporary employee” and the wage was reduced by about 32% according to the company’s “temporary employee” regulations. We demanded a review of wages after re-employment based on two factors: dividing the level of wages that can be lived and unreasonable that wages drop significantly despite engaging in the same duties as before retirement age. Applied for collective bargaining.

In the first round of collective bargaining, the company replied that it would guarantee about 96% of the current annual income until it reaches the age of 62 after re-employment of the union members, and after reaching the age of 62, the company will make wage decisions based on the rules of commissioned employees and personnel evaluation. Agreed.