WEB Designer Course (3) Learn the basics of design

The most important thing is the design ability that people can read!

In order to create a clean and easy-to-read website, design skills are important.

Not only the homepage but also the flyers and texts are read! Of course, the design is sophisticated, but if it is difficult to read, readers will not be interested.

First of all, make sure the configuration, and to realize that configuration,

How should I program it? That is the world of web production.

(1) Design → (2) The website will be created in the programming flow.

As the name of the web designer suggests, design is definitely the place where skill is the most important question.

“But it was Art 1, but” and “I can’t draw pictures…”, if you keep the basics, you can make a design that is much easier to read.

The sense of color and decoration will be questioned, but the key to the homepage and flyer is “text”. First of all, let’s learn to arrange the sentences neatly.

Left alignment, center alignment, right alignment


In the case of web, sentences are often made with left alignment.

The reason is that the person sees the screen from the left.

These “alignments” are the basis of design.

Make sure that your text is aligned to one of these alignments.

Design starts with awareness of balance!

If you arrange the letters with the balance in mind, the appearance and refreshment will increase.

In the previous example, the center alignment is somewhat unbalanced.

The center alignment can be seen well when the center is indented or inflated.

In this way, you can create a sentence with each alignment first, and even if you think that it looks a little strange sensuously, just by breaking the line, the visibility will be refined. This is also a fine design.

Let’s develop a sense of balance by creating several patterns of sentences and trying to break the lines.

Use each assortment like this!

■ Align left

Use when writing sentences you want to read. This is the basic.

If you dip the end of the sentence to the left or incline to the right, the balance will improve.

■ Centered

Suitable for titles and catchphrases.

The dignified atmosphere and the words you want to emphasize are centered.

The balance technique is as described above.

■ Right alignment

Suitable for annotations. Right alignment is a strong accent,

If you can use right alignment well, you can create a stylish design.

Alignment is a question of sense.

Ultimate alignment

Full text alignment is a way to align the left and right edges of a sentence.

It is a way of aligning in the shape of a square “box”. By mastering this alignment well, the sense of design will be enhanced.

The reason is that the design of the web, advertisements, and flyers is because the boxes are neatly arranged.

Next time!