Even though there is an unpaid overtime fee, the office is closed

■ Solution date: November 2016 ■ Job title: Web designer ■ Year of service: 2 years ■ Male full-time employee

He was fired for closing the office. After being fired, the union member requested unpaid overtime payments (about 1 million yen) from the company representative, and responded that he is currently consulting a lawyer because he is planning to go bankrupt in six months. I received it.

Later, after joining the union and requesting explanation of the process up to bankruptcy and payment of unpaid overtime pay, the bankruptcy filing agent (lawyer) said, “Because the bankruptcy proceedings are in progress, we cannot accept the coalition.” The answer came.

After that, the bankruptcy trustee (lawyer) reported that if he submitted a document proof of the unpaid overtime pay, the government would proceed with the unpaid wage reimbursement procedure. Copies of cards and daily reports and overtime calculation tables were submitted to the bankruptcy trustee.

Bankruptcy trustees carried out the advance payment procedure based on them, and the union members were able to receive the advance payment for the unpaid overtime pay.