After the childcare leave, I was asked for the amount of work that could not be performed within the prescribed working hours

■ Solution date: October 2016 ■ Job title, etc.:Administration ■ Number of years of service: 5 years ■ Female full-time employee

The union members returned to work after taking a one-year childcare leave and chose a six-hour short working day system.

However, the amount of work was so large that the work could not be completed within 6 hours. As a result, overtime work for part-timers increased, and human relationships with part-timers also deteriorated.

The branch manager requested the headquarters personnel department to increase the number of employees, but the headquarters replied that they would not increase the number of employees with the attitude that if they were regular employees, they should end in time. The union members were uneasy and consulted with the union, requesting that the amount of work be able to be carried out in time, and increasing the number of members.

In the party, the employer, for the time being, allotted the work of the union members to the sales staff and the branch manager, and resolved because they promised to increase the number of office workers from the next year.