I have been repeating my one-year contract for 16 years, but I have not been appointed as a full-time employee

■ Solution date: June 2016 ■ Job title: Work in warehouse ■ Year of service: 4 years ■ Male contractor

The union member joined Company A as a contract employee with a one-year contract and transferred to the current company 12 years later. Therefore, the employment period of Company A has been 16 years.

Many contract employees were hired as full-time employees in a few years, but union members remained contract employees, and when they asked their superiors why they were not hired as full-time employees, no clear reason was explained. The union members are not willing to hire full-time employees because they are harassed by managers because they have quarreled with senior employees during the period of Company A, and employees have been absent for several months due to accidents during commuting. It was recognized.

The union requested collective union membership as a full-time bargaining member, saying that it was a violation of public order and morals and that he / she lacked the duty of fair handling that he / she repeated a one-year contract for 16 years along with the employment period of his predecessor company. I applied.

The company replied that the company would appoint union members as full-time employees in the first social event.