Disciplinary dismissal for taking out important documents

■ Solution date: January 2003 ■ Job title: Sales / Full-time employee
■ Length of service: 4 years ■ Male

Disciplinary dismissal for reasons such as withdrawal of business partners, withdrawal of employees, and taking out important documents. Neither the ballroom nor the Japan Labor Commission reached an agreement, and a temporary disposal application for status preservation is made. At the same time, the company was demanding an early solution by popular actions such as unification and spring fighting caravans. Each time, the company reported the police number 110 and took countermeasures, such as applying for a temporary disposition of business disruption.
The provisional disposition application for the status preservation was decided to be invalid for disciplinary dismissal, but the company refused the settlement, so it moved to this trial. Since the period of temporary wage payment for the first temporary disposal has passed, the second temporary disposal application will be made. The case was examined by witnesses, but was suspended and proceeded with a settlement talk.

The disciplinary dismissal was originally caused by troubles of two shareholders, and the trial (stocks and competitions) was discussed in the direction of reconciliation.
Since the stock issue and the competitive issue were also agreed, the labor issue was also agreed with a few other payments in addition to the past temporary wages. It took about two years since the disciplinary dismissal.