Labor-management negotiations started for retirement encouragement issues

■ Solution date: November 2002 ■ Job title: Sales / Full-time employee
■ Length of service: 1 year 6 months ■ Female

Started labor-management negotiations in October 2001 on retirement encouragement issues. We almost agreed not to offer retirement encouragement and future work and broke down at the conclusion of the agreement (January 2002). At the same time, because the company continued to bully, apply for mediation to the local labor commission for retirement encouragement issues. However, the company refused the second mediation and was notified of dismissal, and therefore applied for a temporary disposition for the status protection.
The court recommends reconciliation on the premise of retirement while judging invalidation of dismissal. Judging the dismissal and paying the settlement money, it was judged that the settlement was a substantial victory, and the one-year struggle ended.