Without explaining the reason for dismissal, requesting notice of dismissal as the intention of the head office

■ Solution date: December 2002 ■ Job title: Sales / Full-time employee
■ Length of service: 4 years and 10 months ■ Male

We did not explain the reason for dismissal, and we were notified of dismissal as the intention of the head office. The company rejected the notice of dismissal in response to the proposal to join the group, and arranged that misunderstood behavior was withdrawn. However, since the retirement encouragement continued, we proposed retirement conditions. However, the company notified the dismissal without reaching an agreement. The discussion continued after the notice of dismissal, but the agreement was broken and the negotiations broke down.
After the negotiation broke down, he applied for a temporary disposition for status protection, and settled by paying the settlement money in a single hearing.
The court recommends reconciliation on the premise of retirement while judging invalidation of dismissal. Judging the dismissal and paying the settlement money, it was judged that the settlement was a substantial victory, and the one-year struggle ended.