Non-payment for some overtime due to overtime included in salary

■ Solution date: April 2003 ■ Job title: Survey analysis / Full-time employees
■ Length of service: 2 years to 3 years 6 months ■ Men and women

Some overtime pay is not paid because salary includes overtime pay. For this reason, working hours management has become a habit and long working hours have become constant.
A few people thought that there was only a labor union to change the way the company was, but they were frustrated because they were unable to unify their intentions. As a result, they joined the union.
The company deliberately plans to isolate the two by convening only non-union members or creating a conflicting composition by selecting employees who were preparatory committee members as employee representatives. At the stage where unpaid overtime pay is being discussed, a note is taken for non-union members, and wages equivalent to 2 months are paid, and management pays a term-end allowance to settle unpaid overtime issues.
However, it still requires unpaid overtime payments and end-of-term payments. After that, instead of abandoning the payment request for term-end allowance, a term-end bonus payment is required for part-time employees. The results were settled without paying an apology to the employee for non-payment overtime, payment of a year-end bonus to part-time employees, and payment of unpaid overtime (an intermediate amount between union request and company calculation).
This struggle was the creation of a union aimed at democratizing the company. As such, the unpaid overtime struggle is the beginning of a long battle. The battle that seemed like the union building was once out of order was the result of two full-time employees and two part-time employees joining the unpaid overtime battle. Union members will triple and form a breakup.