Fired with sting that he did not stop at the head office (Osaka City)

■ Solution date: January 2003 ■ Job title: Driver / Full-time employee
■ Length of service: 6 months ■ Male

When he went to Osaka from the Fukuoka sales office, he was fired with a sting that he did not stop at the head office (Osaka City).
The company will hold a ballroom, but the company has only unilaterally sought out its own arguments, and the discussion did not engage, but promised a second ballroom. However, because he refused the second social gathering on the day, and refused further negotiations, he applied for mediation with the Regional Labor Commission.
The Regional Labor Commission has heard of the situation twice, but the agreement has not been reached, and the termination was virtually confirmed. However, because the company promised to review the union’s solution conditions once again, it decided to wait for the results of the review.
The union was proceeding with the trial, but the company responded that it would accept the union’s solution conditions, so the Regional Labor Commission held a third interview and exchanged an agreement to resolve it.