I contacted in advance and took a day off because of a cold.

■ Solution date: March 2003 ■ Job title: Driver / Full-time employee
■ Length of service: 3 years / 6 years ■ Male

Closed due to a cold (advance contact) Dismissed due to the fact that he was not in good health the next day and was resting, but he did not contact in advance.
A new violence was dismissed in a state where no ballroom was held, and union members led and consulted with Union to join.
The violence incident was caused by violence that lifted the body from seniors, so he responded to the president. Judging that it is difficult to solve the problem in the company, he submits a report of damage to the police.
Finally, we will hold a ballroom with a protest to refuse ballroom and a new notification of union membership.
In a ballroom, both sides claim parallel lines. After the negotiations, he consulted various places and understood whether the unfairness of dismissal claiming the union was understood, and accepted the solution by unity.
Since the request of the union was almost accepted, it was settled by the payment of the settlement money assuming retirement. The damage report was withdrawn as a condition.