Relegation + retirement encouragement because it doesn’t match my ideal

■ Solution date: October 2016 ■ Job title, etc .: General affairs manager ■ Number of years of service: 7 years 4 months ■ Male full-time employee

The union members are general managers of the clinic’s general affairs department with about 60 employees. The director and director general was notified of the dismissal of the general affairs department manager (hereinafter referred to as “demotion”). At the same time, he received a retirement recommendation, “Why work at other workplaces?”

The union members asked for an explanation of the reason for relegation, but only explained abstract things such as “does not fit my ideal”. Because it seemed to be demoted due to unfair motive to drive retirement, he applied for collective bargaining, demanding withdrawal of the demotion and restoring the honor of the members.

In the collective bargaining, an attorney at law attended and proposed a solution direction based on the premise of agreed retirement. As the union members also agreed, they requested the withdrawal of the relegation resignation, the measures to restore the honor of the union members (explaining to the employee by the director and the president), the payment of the settlement money, etc., but it was resolved because the employer accepted it.