When I joined a company with an acquaintance …

■ Solution date: September 2016 ■ Job title: Sales ■ Year of service: 10 months ■ Male

The union members joined the company as a person in charge of company B, who is in charge of the cleaning business.

However, the salary of the union members was below the promise, no overtime fee was paid, and social insurance and employment insurance were not yet enrolled.

For this reason, union members consulted with the union and negotiated with the company representative Mr. C to conclude an employment contract to correct and improve working conditions. The employment conditions of the employment contract are that fixed-term employment has become indefinite employment, and overtime has improved such as application system, social insurance, employment insurance, etc., but the employer is not company B but company A (representative is Mr. C) .

After signing the above employment contract, Mr. C instructed union members to prohibit overtime and direct bounce, and refused bonus payments and overtime applications.

Therefore, for the first time, we made a notice of union membership and made a request for association, and requested payment of unpaid overtime and bonuses. Immediately after the group application, the representative of Company A was replaced by Mr. D who had no authority.

Only proxy lawyers attended the party and the employer was absent. The agent lawyer decided not to answer the union’s questions, intimidated loudly, or insulted the union members. Mr. C, who has substantial authority, participated in the ballroom, and made a ballot application to confirm the employment relationship with Company B.

However, Mr. C did not attend the ballroom, and the attitude of the attorney at law did not change. Therefore, while considering a petition for redress for dishonesty, A agreed, because a reconciliation plan for retirement premise was presented by Company A, and union members expressed their willingness to accept early settlement.