Employment suspended when challenged to shorten working hours by changing work shift

■ Solution date: August 2016 ■ Type of job: Cleaning ■ Two female contract employees ■ Continuation 11 months-1 year 7 months

The union members are fixed-term employment contract employees with hourly wages in charge of hotel cleaning. He was notified of the change in work shift that would shorten working hours during the employment contract and objected, but was notified of the next contract refusal (employment suspension) because of his work attitude and company management.

However, there was no fact that the union members had a bad working attitude, and it seemed that the union members had disliked that they had objected to the shift in work shift. The union members were forced to submit a notice of retirement in the middle of the contract period due to the lack of living expenses and the fact that they were unable to withstand the rants of their employers if their salaries were reduced.

After that, he asked for unpaid overtime pay (an extra allowance of more than 8 hours a day), payment of consolation charges for rants, etc., and changing the reason for retirement to company circumstances, and so on.

The employer did not accept the fact of power harassment, but settled because he responded to the payment of the unpaid overtime pay and the change in the reason for retirement.