Dismissed due to poor business performance

■ Solution date: November 2016 ■ Job title: Sales ■ Number of years of service: 2 years 6 months ■ Male full-time employee

The company is a micro enterprise that mainly exports recycled plastics and has less than 10 employees.

Union members were dismissed for poor business results. However, the business results fell only in the last two months, and remained good before that, and the reason for dismissal was the reason that the reason for dismissal was rational and social dismissal immediately before the dismissal notice Asked for an explanation from the user about the grounds for the amount of the summer bonus, etc. It was inferred that the person disliked and was fired.

The employer brought out past traffic accidents and private use of company-owned cars by the members, insisted that dismissal was effective, and the president did not attend any reconciliation collective bargaining. It was an attitude not to do, but persuasively persuaded, withdrawn from the dismissal, agreed retirement, agreed to pay the settlement money.